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Brought to you by the letter  R , and by the number 4.


Ibanez | Epiphone | Ovation

Guitar Amplification and Sound Reinforcement

Peavey | VOX | Carvin | Marshall | Orange | Crown 

Tech21Digitech | Shure Wireless Systems | Rocktron


Kubicki Ex Factor

Bass Amplification and Sound Reinforcement

Gallien-Krueger | Crown | Korg Tuners | TC Electronic | Line 6 Relay Wireless Systems

Keyboards and Guitar Synths

Korg | Roland


Tama Starclassic Custom | Aquarian High Energy

Aquarian Black Pinstripe | DW 5000 Double Bass

Sabian XS | Sabian AAX | Zildjian A Custom | Paiste Signature

Meinl | Latin Percussion [LP] (Chimes)

Pro Mark (Hot-Rods) | Vic Firth (85a) | AHead (Aluminum 5a Series)

Microphones/EFX Processing

Shure | Galaxy | TC Helicon

Cables and Accessories

Mogami | Neutrik | RedCo | Dunlop | BossInTuneGPFurman | BBE

Ernie Ball | GHS | | Rotosound | Dean Markley Blue Steel  | Elixir | Ultimate Stands


Tascam | JBL | Focusrite | Avid-Digidesign | MOTU


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